Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby Shower Decorations and Banner

Andrea is having a baby in April so Katy and Amanda planned a shower to celebrate. The mission call banner came down and a baby welcome banner went up. It was a fun transformation since I made tissue pom poms in several colors to match baby's bedroom.

 The banner says, "Welcome baby girl Crockett". The pennants are sewn onto a long yellow satin ribbon. The letters are stamped onto paper, cut out and glued onto individual pennants. I added a silk yellow daisy to dot the 'I' in the word girl. I calculated how to cut the pennants from 12x12 paper utilizing the dimensions to my benefit. More pennants per page. The tissue pom poms were actually fun to make. I got four small poms from one package of ten count colored tissue. (a dollar at Hobby Lobby). I attached a doubled strand of curling ribbon to the center of each pom before I fluffed the tissue. Amanda tied the bows and tacked them each to the ceiling in varying lengths.

The results were so simple and easy that Andi decided she would use the decorations again at a baby shower given by the Crockett side of her family.

I like the effect of the trailing curling ribbon and flouncy bows.

It was a fun celebration with a lot of baby headband making and visiting. Andi received  a lot of expert advice from so many experienced young mothers. It was a perfect party thanks to all the wonderful guests.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Bird Cage And Modge Podge Eggs

At my home birds are arriving daily from their winter trip south. I hear their constant chatter as they congregate around the bird feeders just outside my windows. Spring certainly is a cheerful time of year.

This little project was fun to create. I cut thin strips of paper from patterned paper made by Little Yellow Bicycle. The thin strips were then utilized for coloring the eggs and making a comfy nest for my paper chicks to hatch in. I layered strips of paper onto plastic eggs with modge podge to give their shells color. For the nesting material I curled strips of paper by gently pulling them across the blade of an open pair of scissors.

I added a dainty covering by attaching tulle to the cage dome, which promptly attracted a flutter of paper butterflies. Each butterfly was created using two contrasting butterfly wing die cuts (one solid and one cutout), and by stitching the center of each set and folding the top pair of wings open.
I added a few extra details in the mini pennant banner draped atop the dome, a cascading sheer ribbon for the butterflies to play with, a beautiful tail for our birdie and a perfect view from his birdie perch.

I display this touch of Wimsey on a shelf above our stairway where it is in sure to be noticed and admired.
Best of all it adds a touch of spring to my home.

Beautiful Emma On A Special Day

I teach seven and eight year old children in primary on Sundays. Emma is one of the beautiful girls in my class. She recently turned 8 and was baptized. She was excited about her special day and I was one of the many friends she invited to be there when she was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. Emma's charm and purity is evident in the things she does and the choices she makes. She is a wonderful person to know.

I wanted to give her a birthday gift with special meaning. I was able to take a photo of her after her baptism and put the picture in a satin frame and prettied it up a little bit with paper, gems and ribbon before I gave it to her later that very day. I hope she smiles every time she remembers her 8th birthday. I smile every time I think of her.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hexagons And Painting Walls

The way my mind works I can be intensely into one project while the inspiration and details for a completely new one forms in my mind. For example it was while I was deciding on paint colors and glaze techniques for my bedroom walls that this double page layout drew itself in my mind. I knew the colors, photo placement and the details of the layout. I knew the photos to take. You could say that the combination of paint chips in a variety of shades and hues along with the pleasing shape of the hexagon was the inspiration for me to visualize a finished scrapbook page. It was weeks after the bedroom walls were painted that the opportunity arose to create the scrapbook pages in real life.

It would be marvelous to have the freedom to finish more of the ideas which come to my mind. Some people get paid to play. Maybe that will be me someday. :)

How do you make more time for the things you really love to do? Is what you do for a living following a dream? I believe that dreams should be big and that at least some of your favorite dreams should come true.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forever Sisters

Just a quick share of a fun scrapbooking page using a little bit of stamping, inking, cutting, ribbon, and such. I do love to play with paper!

Be Creative everyday! Karen

What Is More Important? The Paper Or The Embellishments?

Just the other day American Crafts posed a good question to the on-line community. Which is more important? The paper or the embellishments? Even though there were a few gals who insisted that great embellishments are highest priority the general consensus was that the PAPER made the project! I agree that great paper is crucial to a great project. How many times have I made the 'embellishments' from the paper? I even buy extra sheets of paper with the intent of having one to cut from. Many of the best embellishments are made from the paper.

For this 'Jayden' page I cut flowers from an extra sheet of the paper. That way I get to position the flower pattern precisely where I want it. The rosettes are cut from the paper, as well as the borders, title, and the epoxy buttons. The paper I chose is designed by Close To My Heart. It is beautiful! So is Jayden!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amanda Joelle's Art

With Amanda soon leaving home for a year and a half to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we thought it was about time we actually created a website to promote and sell her art work. It is a work in progress, with some weeks having more progress than others.

Eventually we will have all of her art offered for sale. The set up costs are quite a bit per piece so we will do one at a time as funds become available and as customers express interest.

Take a peek at her site by going to Please let friends and family know that every purchase will help support Amanda's mission service. She will be serving in Long Beach California beginning in May.

About a year ago Amanda did a couple of charcoal drawings of relatives. I created a double page layout highlighting the drawings she did of Bruce and I. It makes me happy to showcase her amazing talent. I love seeing Amanda share her artistic gift!